Vladimir K. Vershinin
Moscow, Russia

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VTfm the Norton Commander Style Video Terminals file manager. It is a freeware open source program, which was developed by me especially for DEC VT-series terminals and OpenVMS operating system for DEC VAX, Alpha and Intel Itanium (IA64) architectures. Also you can use VTfm with terminal emulators, which can emulate DEC VT-series terminals (PowerTerm, for example). The initial release was developed in 1991 with name NCvtf and renamed to VTfm in august 2004. The source code also was redesigned. The current release is 2.3-A.

Current features

  • Working technique is similar to well known Norton Commander program, i.e. navigate through disk directory content with use of <Up/Down> arrow or <Next/Prev> keys and enter into subdirectory and back with use of <Return> (<Enter>) key.
  • Select and UnSelect files by wildcard mask with use of <Sel/Rem> keys or manually with use of <Ins> key.
  • Files filtering in directory panels by wildcard mask with use of <Find> key.
  • One touch View and Edit file content with use of integrated TPU editor.
  • Copy, Rename, Move and Delete disk directory trees.
  • Works with OpenVMS Extended File Specifications on ODS-5 volumes.
  • Supports DEC VT-terminal modes with more than 2480 rows/columns.
  • Direct going to any disk directory in the OpenVMS cluster.
  • Supports logicals when GotoDirectory, Copy, Rename and Move files (SYS$LOGIN, SYS$MANAGER, SYS$SYSTEM, SYS$COMMON, SYS$SCRATCH, SYS$DISK etc.).
  • Rotating directory panels from the default LEFT/RIGHT to UP/DOWN orientation and back for view long file specifications.
  • Switching view of file size from blocks to bytes and back.
  • Command line is up to 4K characters.
  • Environment file for storing environment information when exit VTfm.

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Copyright © VTfm 1991-2005. All rights reserved.
Vladimir K. Vershinin, vershinin-vk@tochka.ru
2005, Moscow, Russia

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